The Wounded Spirit

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Dr. Timothy Keller
Sunday, December 5, 2004
Proverbs 12:25; 13:12; 14:10,30; 15:4,13-14; 16:2; 18:14; 28:1

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The Bible teaches an extremely nuanced vision of the human spirit. We are physical beings whose spirits can be brought low by physical ailments. We are relational beings who need the love and support of friends. We are moral beings who can be crushed by the weight of our sin. We are existential beings who seek to find meaning in our lives. Lastly, we are faith-based being who will always put our hope in something. Unless we put our faith and hope in God, we will never satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

Additional scriptural references made in this sermon are: Ephesians 3:16; Leviticus 26:14-17; Genesis 3:24; Psalm 22:14.

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